our story

By thinking of the garments we wear as short term tools rather than long term investments, we contribute to wasteful consumption patterns that inevitably lead us towards drastic climate change.


we are fed up.

we are fed up with the fast fashion industry.

we are upset that it contributes to over 8% of global carbon-dioxide emissions, and that this percentage is only rising.

we are unsettled by the fact that over 20 billion pounds of clothing end up in U.S. landfills every year. 20 billion pounds. in the United States, alone. 

we are scared for our Earth's oceans, where 30% of microplastics pollution can be attributed to synthetic materials used in fast fashion apparel. are we drinking these microplastics? most likely.

the wastefulness, the muda, resulting from such a pollutive industry has become engrained in our everyday lives due to the deceptive "green-washing" tactics fast fashion has used to trick us.

we challenge the status quo.

each of us at muda are on a personal journey to live more sustainably. recognizing our clothing purchases as an avenue to support this shift, we created muda to reframe our relationship with our clothing – to view them as long-term investments as a means to live more sustainably.

our goal is to increase accessibility to sustainable fashion as a one-stop shop of earth-conscious brands passionate about creating apparel that do not harm our environment.

in essence, we aim to become the one-stop shop for the future of fashion, transforming the way people are connected with sustainable clothing choices, making these decisions the status quo. 

meet the team.

kelly chang

kelly chang

the envisioner

jake silver

the negotiator

ben wong

the implementer

xiaoci sun

the designer

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